Mets Won’t Pay More than $1.5 Million on Next Starter


Adam Rubin of is reporting that the Mets reportedly will not pay the next starter they sign more than 1.5 million guaranteed dollars, which is what the Mets gave Chris Capuano. 

This has not been confirmed by any means, but if this is indeed true, I would now cross Jeff Francis off the list as far as a possible signing for the Mets because its been said that Jeff Francis wants around $3 million.  If he comes down on his demands for the Mets and signs, it will sort of surprise me. 

The only other starter that the Mets are very interested in is Chris Young.  I expect Young could sign with the Mets because his game fits Citi Field and he has a good relationship with some in the the current front office.

We’ll just have to wait it out though and see if any real news comes of this within the next couple of days as there seems to be some buzz about this in the blogosphere.