Mets Will Host The 2013 All-Star Game: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Nearly forty seven years ago Johnny Callison hit a walk off home run in the 1964 All-Star Game at Shea Stadium, that being the first and only time the Mets in their 49-year history would host an All-Star Game. Now in 2011, Sports Illustrated and sources close to Jon Heyman are reporting that the New York Mets will host the All-Star Game. The report is unconfirmed by MLB but many sources close to the situation say it is going to happen. This on the heels of the Wilpon’s looking to find a minority investor in the Mets.

Yesterday, the Wilpons in a conference call stated that they would like to sell up to 25% of the team to “Make sure they have the necessary resources to compete and win”. The Wilpons are currently in a messy lawsuit following the Bernie Madoff scandal that possibly left the Wilpons with an extra $50 million in their pockets, something trustee Irving Picard has been entrusted to recover for the victims of Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. Picard may be seeking up to one billion dollars from the Wilpons as a result of the whole mess. This puts possible financial restraints on the Mets in one of the most pivotal off seasons in franchise history coming up following the 2011 season.

I recap all of this because having the All-Star Game at Citi Field in 2013 will bring in a ton of revenue to the team in the upcoming years. All-Star Games sell out faster than you can say “Albert Pujols” and feature people from all over the country coming to see baseball’s greatest stars, and they pay top dollar to do so. Like it or not, but if the Mets get themselves another investor and hit the jackpot on this All-Star Game, it has the potential to secure the Wilpons as the owners of the Mets.

I know the All-Star Game itself with tickets and food and what not generates about the same revenue as Opening Day, but when you add in all the advertising, marketing and merchandising opportunities, it will generate even more much needed money. Fans will pay hand over fist for the jerseys, caps, souvenirs, programs, etc. It will be a cash cow for the Mets in 2013. Until then, the Mets have a lot to worry about as far as their financial future.

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