Luis Castillo Will Not Be Cut To Make Room For Chris Young

Updated 9:10 PM

Terry Collins confirmed today that the Mets have no intentions of cutting Luis Castillo or Oliver Perez and that both will get a chance to win spots on the roster no different than any other players in camp.

Collins also added that Castillo could still very well win the everyday second base job in spring training.

Original Post 1/18 10:00 PM

According to’s Matthew Cerrone, there is a possibility that Luis Castillo could be the odd man out on the 40-man roster, to make room for Chris Young.

Cerrone also mentions that Mets sources tell WFAN’s Mike Francesca that Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo will not be on the opening day roster.

By releasing Perez and Castillo, they will be able to add more flexibility and of course it would also be a real crowd pleaser with the fans.

If this is indeed true regarding Castillo, I’m sure Mets fans everywhere will praise Sandy Alderson, because he has been a pain in the butt for a couple years now (as far as payroll, and trading him goes).  Releasing him will pave the way for more moves to come and frees up a valuable roster spot.