Kranepool Only Watches Mets When They Have A Good Product

Beloved Met (I actually call him Mr. Met), Ed Kranepool spoke about the Mets yesterday in an article I came across by Laurel Pfahler of TC Palm, she discusses expectations for the Mets with Ed Charles, Ed Kranepool and other former Mets who are at Mets Fantasy Camp down at Port St. Lucie.

They talk about how prior to the 1969 season, there were never any expectations for the team because they never had a winning season, but fan support was always high back then and fans really loved their Mets. However, after 1969, when fans got a taste for winning, they expected a winner every year.

Kranepool believes that if the Mets are serious about winning in 2011 that they need better pitching, which I think we can all agree with, but then he goes even further.

“They have to make some deals,” said Kranepool. “They need pitching. You have to improve your ball club, but that’s their decision to make. They have to compete in this market. Philadelphia keeps improving itself, so you have some pretty good teams to compete with.”

When asked if he still watches the Mets, Kranepool replied,

“I only watch a good product. If they are winning, I will watch, and if not, I turn the station and root for someone else. I am a Met true and true. I am the only guy who played his whole career with the Mets, I’ve got the longest time, longevity-wise … but I still want to see a good ball club.”

Kranepool was never one to pull any punches and he still prefers to gve it to you straight as evidenced by what he said yesterday. However, I also feel he’s evolved from a longtime player into a lifelong fan and like most Mets fans, he wants a winner. Also like a lot of Mets fans, he sounds a little impatient and doesn’t feel like waiting until 2012 for the team to make some moves. Patience Eddie, patience.