David Wright: To C Or Not To C

Kerel Cooper form one of my favorite Mets blogs On The Black, tossed out that age old question that comes up each year right before the start of spring training:

Should David Wright be named captain of the Mets?

I have never really understood the significance of a baseball team having a captain, and of course there’s no evidence to suggest that it adds to the team chemistry or leads to more wins.

I used to get a big laugh out of seeing Johnny Franco wearing that big “C” on his chest because often times he had no problems throwing a fellow teammate under the bus and ripping someone for whatever reason. I mean he still could have done all of that without the “C” right?

Will slapping the captain tag on David Wright help him become more consistent with runners on base? If there’s any proof of that happening, then count me in, but seriously I doubt any such correlation exists.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

While you make up your minds, enjoy this new David Wright video from Wilson Sporting Goods.