The Patient Approach…

Sandy Alderson, like myself has been patient this offseason. We both have picked our moments and found out where exactly to approach. After a few weeks of watching the market unfold and getting a feel for this front office, I only have one conclusion. Thank You.

The days of trading for players without understanding the prospects that are being traded, overpaying for free agents, poor free agent signings in general and fan dissapointment seem to be fading. Want a sign?

The Mets signed a reliever with MLB experience (DJ Carrasco) for 2 yrs/2.5 million. The Minaya regime paid 3 million – for Ryota Igarashi, with 0 MLB experience. The Mets have kept their names away from the larger ticket items, to not clutter and sell dreams to the fanbase and have been transparent with their decisions.

Where do I see Alderson & Co. going the rest of this offseason? Some variation of a bargain-bin starter, either signed or traded for. Listen to trades for ANYONE on the Mets (As frequently as this has been said, there has never been this kind of unsureness about the current Mets core) if they will give them payroll relief/flexibility. Create a strong bench with both defensive minded players and offensive threats, but without overpaying (last year, the Mets best defensive replacement OF was probably Ike Davis…the starting first baseman).

This can really go haywire too, but so far Sandy Alderson’s patient approach that has been taken as him doing absolutely nothing but sitting on his hands is working. The market is forming and collapsing around him, and this year he is intent on waiting for the market to come to him.

Being a good general manager or writer is about patience – you have to know when to strike, and when to just watch the scene. When the scene unfolds more, expect more writing.

Lets Go Mets.