The Offseason The Earth Stood Still

the day the earth stood stillYes, it certainly feels that way for Mets fans especially for those among us who don’t have the stomach for patience. We’ve managed to add a capable backup catcher in Ronny Paulino and a reliable bullpen arm in Carrasco, but those names are hardly crowd pleasers for many Mets fans anxious to rid themselves of the bitter taste in their mouths still lingering from last season.

We keep hearing that one among these four will most likely be tendered an offer sometime in January and they include Brandon Webb, Chris Young, Freddy Garcia and Jeff Francis.

Francis is probably the most desirable of the four, but he is also on the radar of at least a half dozen other teams including the New York Yankees. My guess is that if the plan is to wait until January, one or two of these options will no longer be available and most like the two least desirable options will remain, if any remain at all. Time will tell.

The expectations for the 2011 season started out too high for many Mets fans in my opinion. It was unrealistic to expect the new sheriff to come into town with guns blazing. Instead I saw a quote from Adam Rubin that most likely depicts what 2011 will be like for the Mets.

To be candid, I have to believe the Mets will be jockeying with the Nationals for fourth place this upcoming season. And I think .500 would be an accomplishment. The offense should be fine, with Carlos Beltran getting the most out of what his knees allow in a walk year, Jose Reyes’ contract also set to expire, Jason Bay bound to have a more representative year, etc. The pitching is a grave concern — both rotation and bullpen. And I see no indication there are going to be additions to change that point of view. If you want a positive, at least now you get the sense there’s competency in the front office. So while it may take time, the organization will be rebuilt correctly.

I completely agree with him in that .500 would be a realistic goal to strive for and that our biggest concerns lie in the bullpen and rotation. Many are saying that the offense will be fine, but for the third straight season a lot of that is based on healthy seasons from some of the teams biggest weapons. That didn’t happen in 2009 or 2010.

Meanwhile, things do seem to be progressing at a snail’s pace, but that’s mostly because the new administration is banking on the fact that the players they like will soften their financial demands come mid January when the spring reporting date gets closer and closer.

My only concern is, what exactly can we reasonably expect to be left in the market when that time finally comes? And until that day finally arrives, you can bet it will certainly feel like the earth is standing still.