Should the Mets Be Worried About The Bullpen?

As we all know by now, Hisanori Takahashi signed with the Angels, Sean Green was non-tendered, and Pedro Feliciano, whom many thought would accept the Mets arbitration, declined it. 

Now, with these three officially out, should the Mets worry about the bullpen heading into spring training?

Honestly, I believe so.  This definitely concerns me because we have very little experience in the bullpen now that these guys are no longer on the team.  With the current bullpen (Igarashi, K-Rod, Parnell, Oliver Perez, and Pat Misch), the only real MLB experience comes from K-Rod and we don’t know whats to come with Oliver Perez (whether he gets the long-awaited release, or what have you).  

Sure there are players the Mets could go after in the free agent pool, but Sandy Alderson said numerous times that the Mets have very little money that can be spent on players this offseason.  Hideki Okajima, and Bobby Jenks would be good fits for the Mets, but it doesn’t seem likely the Mets will pursue them considering that they are more interested in starting pitchers, and will only be interested in the lowest priced relievers.

There were numerous reports earlier in the week, Chris Young and Jeff Francis were offered major league deals by the Mets. Alderson denied any offers were made, but is in contact with them.   

When spring training and opening day finally come, we’ll find out whats in store for the Mets, and have a better read on their bullpen.  We may be surprised at what we’ll see, and hopefully some questions will be answered.

Who’s gonna go out there and pitch effectively and be available as often as Feliciano was against left handed batters? Will K-Rod bounce back, and redeem himself?  Will Oliver Perez even be in the Mets bullpen come opening day.  It looks like there could be some big bullpen concerns headed in Terry Collins direction.