Off The Reservation For Today

I hope that Joe D. will forgive me this post, but I’d like to put in a few words about some local athletes who are tearing up the record books by playing their game very well. I’m speaking as someone who spent her freshman year at UCONN idolizing the men’s basketball team and interning on their radio station WHUS “The Husky Network” as a sports writer.

Yes, I’m talking about the UCONN women’s basketball team who have won their last 88 games to tie a record.

Tonight, they will play at Madison Square Garden to see if they can keep their streak alive. I expect that the Garden will be close to full, and ESPN2 is covering the game with an hour of UCONN history/news before the game to get us all ready and up to date.

I’d also like to put in a good word for their Coach – Geno Auriemma – who has steered this team on the right path, with the right coaching and encouragement and who stresses playing the game by the book.

So, if you’d like to see them, here’s your chance – win or lose, they’ll play their hearts out.