Mets Have Some Interesting Stories To Follow In 2011

As we know the Mets don’t have much money to spend this off season.  Whether it’s only five million dollars or a little more Alderson is allowed to spend there will not be any top free agent signings this year.  No Cliff Lee or Carl Crawford next season. With signing 2nd or possibly 3rd tier free agents it might not be fun watching the Mets every day next year.  There will be plenty of stories to follow and watch next season. While the Mets might not make much of divisional or playoff run these stories could be entertaining or at least interesting to watch.  Some stories I’m looking forward to are:

How will Jose Reyes perform in his walk year? This is a very important year for Jose Reyes and his future with the Mets.  Reyes is one of my favorite players, I was hoping that Alderson and the Mets would have signed him to an extension after picking up his option.  Unfortunately it looks like at least right now that Reyes will be a free agent in 2012.  I’m hoping that Reyes can stay healthy and produce the way he has in the past.  I really think that he is one of the best players in the game and one of the best players to ever play for the Mets.

Also I’ll be interested to see how Jason Bay rebounds after a horrible season that was made worse by suffering a season ending concussion.  Jason Bay signed a big contract last year and I don’t think I’m wrong to say that last year was a huge disappointment for him and for us.  He was supposed to be the power that the Mets needed, but before getting injured he had only hit six home runs.  The Mets have a lot of time and money invested in Bay.  I’ll be interested to see if his power comes back, if Citi Field is still in his head, and how he’ll be able to play after suffering that concussion.

Carlos Beltran will be a very interesting story to watch.  Will he or won’t he be moved to Right Field? Will his knees hold up a full season? If Beltran has a good first half will he be with the Mets the second half?

Another story to watch in 2011 will be Josh Thole and how well he plays now that he’s the everyday catcher.  Thole impressed me a lot last season.  Of course he only played in 73 games, so it will be interesting to see how his bat and his body holds up playing the demanding position of catcher in 120-130 or more games.

Also we’ll be watching to see how Ike Davis does in his sophomore year.  Hopefully this off season Ike has worked on correcting that flaw in his swing.  If Ike does correct it, he could very well have a breakout season and become a nightmare for opposing pitchers.

There’s also Jon Niese and how well will  he follow up on a very impressive season.  He didn’t finish 2010 off very well, but that could have been due to fatigue, and not a drop-off in skills.

Let’s also not forget we have a new manager and it will be interesting to see how he manages this team next season.  Will the team respond to Collins?  Will Collins be able to handle the pressures of New York?

I’m sure there are some other pretty good story lines to keep an eye on next season. There might even be some that won’t be written until the season begins to unfold beginning in April.

Hopefully, we’ll have more happy endings than bad ones, but we’ll know the answer to that by next September. Either way, the 2011 season will be anything but boring.