Madoff, The Wilpons And The Mets – What Now?

A quote from our blog which rings true to me.

“The real solution for the Mets future is to have new owners not encumbered by the Wilpon’s baggage which is now all so obvious to anyone who can see and read the facts.”

How can the Wilpons’ continue to put the Mets organization on hold while they await resolution of the myriad of problems and issues which stem from the Madoff ponzi scheme?

The news of the suicide of Mark Madoff opens up new problems and situations which sadly are occuring now.

While the Wilpons’ financial association with Madoff seemed to be on the level, it turns out that it was not.

So, where do we go from here?

Is it good business to tie up the Mets operation while awaiting resolution of the Madoff mess? I think not. The Mets have nothing to do with Madoff except through the Wilpons.

Isn’t it time for the Wilpons to step aside until their Madoff association is severed?

Yes, it could take years, but why must the Mets and their fans wait?