Heyman: Mets Are Like Scavengers, Francesa: Citi Field Will Be A Ghost Town

Just heard some scathing remarks from Jon Heyman who was a guest of Mike Francesa this afternoon on WFAN,

Francesa said he thinks “Alderson is getting a free pass for essentially doing nothing” and that if his plan is to show up on Opening Day with basically the same team as last season minus Johan Santana, “Citi Field will become a ghost town”.

“As it stands now”, he said, “they are losing season ticket holders in droves and I’ve yet to hear from one season ticket holder who intends to renew”.

Jon Heyman said it’s sad to see a high market team like the Mets “prowling around the halls like a bunch of scavengers in Orlando”.

Heyman also said it was a “terrible job by Alderson for mocking the Nationals for signing Jayson Werth” and he should consider the fact that “the Nationals are trying to do something for their fans, while he basically plans to do nothing this offseason”.

“I guess Alderson doesn’t understand that in baseball if you go out and have a great year and then hit free agency, you’re going to get a lot of money. Maybe Alderson spent too much time working with Bud Selig and forgot how things work in the offseason.”

Francesa and Heyman ended their attack by saying,

“Hey Mets fans, next season you’re going to get the same team minus Johan, but a new front office and a two-time loser for your new manager.”

To which, Heyman replied, “It’s actually three-time loser, you forgot Japan.”

Wow, that was harsh!

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