Hall Of Fame Pitcher Bob Feller Dead at 92

Hall of Famer, former Cleveland Indian, Bob Feller passed away this evening from an acute form of Leukemia at the age of 92.

“Rapid Robert” won 266 games in 18 seasons all with the Indians, was once “clocked” at 104 mph. At the time, it was difficult to gauge how fast pitchers threw since Radar guns had yet to be invented.

I remember seeing video of Feller in his prime throwing a fastball with a man on a motorcycle zipping along side his pitch at over a hundred miles per hour. Feller’s fastball made it to the catchers mitt faster than the bike made it past the catcher.

He was a living legend and now belongs to the ages.

For a great re-cap of his career check out Tim Kurkjian’s article on ESPN the Magazine‘s web site.

Bob “Rapid-Robert” Feller


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