Did Cliff Lee’s Wife’s Brush-In With Fans Cost The Yankees?

I just saw this on the latest Inside Edition and thought I would raise this particular question here.

As we all know, the Yankees lost out on their prized offseason “possession” Cliff Lee to those damn Phillies, deciding to take $50 million dollars less than what the Yankees offered (which was a 6-year $140-160 million dollar deal). 

Now, one of the questions being raised since the news first was reported is;

Was the incident involving Cliff Lee’s wife at Yankee Stadium the reason why Cliff Lee decided to “shun” the Yankees and sign with the Phillies?

Personally, I believe thats part of it.  

I do believe Cliff Lee took the incident to heart when he made a final decision.  The ironic part is that the Phillies (you have to admit) are just as rough when it comes to fan rowdiness as the Yankees are. At least thats how it is when the Mets come to Philly. 

On many occasions we’ve seen people run on the field at Citizens Bank Park, either in spandex, or in casual clothes being tased by security. 

That said, I also believe that Cliff Lee wanted to go back to the Phillies because of the fact that he was successful there, and enjoyed the city. 

We’ll probably never know what all the reasons were behind his decision, but at least those damn Yankees weren’t the winners in this chase.