Alderson Shocked By What Nationals Gave Jayson Werth

I thought this was so funny, that I had to share with you guys.

Sandy Alderson arrived in Orlando only a couple of hours ago. When he heard about the mega-deal Jayson Werth signed with Nationals, he was taken by surprise.

“It makes some of our contracts look pretty good,” Alderson said. “That’s a long time and a lot of money. I thought they were trying to reduce the deficit in Washington.”

I’m so glad that Sandy Alderson is in the drivers seat for the Mets. I only wish he had some more money to work with.

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This one came out of nowhere, but according to Todd Zolecki of, the Washington Nationals have just agreed to a multi year deal with free agent Jayson Werth.

According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, Werth’s deal is for seven years and $126 million.

Werth will be able to fill the void left by Adam Dunn who signed a four-year deal with the Chicago White Sox on Friday.

Joel Sherman and Jon Heyman both have confirmed that the deal is official.

Werth had the best offensive season of his career in 2010, and has batted .282 with the Phillies since 2007 with an .885 OPS. He’s 31 years old and plays all three outfield positions.

All of a sudden the Jason Bay deal doesn’t look so bad. When all is said and done, this might go down as the worst signing of this offseason.

No way that Werth produces like he has, outside of that bandbox in Philadelphia. This reminds me of the Aaron Rowand deal when he left Philly.