About This Whole Wait Until 2012 Plan…

I’ve read a few takes on the Mets decision not to spend more than a few bucks to fill in some gaps on the Mets roster this offseason. It seems that half the fans are okay with the whole $5-$6 million dollar offseason spending budget, while the other half are wondering how is that going to improve last year’s version of the team. Count me in that latter group.

What was supposed to be a pursuit of mid level free agents, has now sunk to a selection of players limited to the bargain bin at Walmart. I don’t have a problem with the Paulino signing, for a backup catcher he fits the bill perfectly. and I have no problem with Carrasco either as we needed help in the bullpen and in that regard he certainly qualifies.

What bugs me right now is the decision not to go the extra mile to try and improve the product on the field and attempt to field a contender for the 2011 season. Afterall, this is what was promised to us after the season ended and Minaya was fired.

Fine, you want to keep the payroll at $140 million, great, I can’t tell you how to spend your money. But have you taken note as to how many rivals have actually increased their payroll budgets for 2011?

Also, based on comments made by Sandy Alderson on Tuesday, it sounds like the Mets may be planning to reduce payroll in 2012 and pocket a significant portion of the $60 million dollars that is expected to be freed up after the departures of Oliver Perez, Carlos Beltran, Luis Castillo and Francisco Rodriguez.

Alderson made it clear that he does not intend to go on a $50 million dollar spending spree, “that’s not how I want to approach it” he said.

So there’s a very good chance that if $60MM is coming off the books, only $30MM or $40MM would be reinvested in new players. Essentially, that means a payroll of $110 to $120 million in 2012.

Sorry, but that’s not good enough for me. I love the Mets and I think the Wilpons have their heart in the right place, but if that’s the plan I have some major concerns about whether we can compete in a division where we are being outspent by the Phillies and in a city where our crosstown rival will spend twice as much as us and have a treasure trove of rings and trophies to show for it.

It’s hard to believe that the Madoff scheme, and now this pending law suit, has had no direct effect on how the Mets are run from a financial standpoint. It just seems that the trail of bread crumbs leading to Citi Field says otherwise.

We bought into a new philosophy whose mantra is to spend less and get more, but we were also told they would still have the money to improve the team. Where is it?

And now we learn that payroll will be even less in 2012 despite the need to replace a closer, a cleanup hitter, a second baseman, a left handed starter, and maybe even our leadoff hitter and starting shortstop. Not to mention huge pay raises for David Wright, Mike Pelfrey, Angel Pagan and did you know Johan’s salary jumps to $24 million in 2012?

Assuming the Mets reinvest $40 million for 2012, after raises for the few I mentioned, it leaves about $20 million for free agents. That’s basically one ace or stud hitter, or two mid level players.

I’m just not getting how the myth of wait until 2012 is gonna work…

On another note, I want to apologize for my lack of posts, comments and interaction, but I’m having some health issues and I’ve spent a great deal of time at the hospital in the last two weeks. I’m getting better, but it’s no day at the beach. Thanks for supporting us and sticking with us.

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