Will Sandy Alderson Fall For Ollie’s Follies?

One of the things I want to see more than anything else this offseason, is at least one addition by subtraction move before the start of Spring Training.

I know we’re not going to sign Cliff Lee even though we could desperately use him in our rotation.

I know we’re not going to sign Carl Crawford, even though he’d be a significant upgrade over Jason Bay.

I have no expectations that we will make any significant player acquisitions aside from a few complimentary type players to fill in a few gaps like a backup catcher, one or two relievers, and possibly a bottom of the rotation starter.

I’m actually fine with all of that, as my sights are clearly set on 2012 as far as realistically making some noise in the NL East race again.

Sure, I’ll be rooting for this team to do their level best and win some big games for us this season. And hey, you never know, they could surprise us all and maybe even contend for a Wild Card. But even if none of that happens, I won’t be crushed like I was in 2007 – 2010.

I look at the 2011 season as a transitional year for the Mets. I just can’t see Sandy Alderson and company doing all the different things they would love to do in one offseason. The financial flexibility is simply not there, and the Mets are locked into too many bad contracts.

However, the one thing that they can do and I hope they will do, is to rid the Mets of Oliver Perez. I don’t care how well he’s doing in Mexico this winter, just get rid of him.

According to Adam Rubin, Oliver Perez’s scoreless streak down in Mexico has now reached 10 innings and his ERA is down to a respectable 3.00 in 15 innings pitched. Good for him, trade his ass.

Perez can’t undo all of the damage he has already done to this team and to this fanbase. While his teammate Luis Castillo also gets a lot of flack, at least Castillo has always been nothing short of professional and a team first guy. Did he shrug his shoulders at being benched in favor of Ruben Tejada? Of course he did, but what veteran hasn’t done the same thing toward the end of their careers?

What Oliver Perez did is much worse. His actions hurt the team who essentially played with a 24 man roster in the second half of the season because of his refusal to go to the minors and get himself straightened out. He was asked to accept a demotion on more than one occasion and he refused both times.

Maybe the fact that he’s having some success in Mexico, can help us get something in return for him this winter?

But if teams still refuse to go near him with a ten-foot pole as has been the case for a few years, than the only option we now have is to cut him loose and not have him show up to Mets camp when pitchers and catchers report.

Any good vibes and feelings that have been accrued since Alderson, DePodesta, Ricciardi and Collins joined the fold, will be completely bankrupt the second Oliver Perez makes an appearance at Port St. Lucie. Any hopes that we may have for a fun and exciting 2011 season, will be tossed out the window and dashed by his presence in a Mets uniform.

We must not let that happen.

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