Welcome, Sandy and Terry

To Sandy, Terry and your Staff


Some of us are really happy to see you – you are the grown-ups that we have been waiting for. You are the professionals that we have been waiting for.

You are the change in doing the Mets business that we have been waiting for.

I’m just a fan who writes, but I go back to the Seaver, McGraw, and Ryan days. I remember the 1986 World Series and Darling and Gooden. I remember Field Marshall Keith Hernandez. And a player from this past season who made an impression on me is Ike Davis – a third generation ball player.

I’ve not seen Citi Field except on television, but hope that all these new multi-use stadiums will work out – although I notice that Fenway – an old stadium – is always sold out and full.

I love the game, and am not thrilled with some of the money-making schemes dreamed up by MLB, but I understand that like it or not, baseball has become a costly business to run.

Somehow, Sandy and Terry, I think you have similar memories about baseball – as Nuke La Loosh says in “Bull Durham”.

“It’s a simple game, you throw the ball, you hit the ball, and you catch the ball. Sometimes…….it rains.”

So, Welcome to Citi Field, let’s make some new memories.