(Video) Terry Collins Introduced At Citi Field

The Mets introduced their new manager Terry Collins, this morning at Citi Field.

Here is a video courtesy of SNY.

Here are some notes from the presser including my final thoughts.

11:00 Mets VP Dave Howard making the introductions and announcing the day’s agenda. (Alderson, Collins, Q&A, break-outs, photo-ops)

Alderson: “It’s my pleasure to introduce the 20th manager of the NY Mets, Terry Collins. Terry really separated himself from the other candidates. We were pleased he was willing to accept our offer to manage the NY Mets.”

Collins: “This is a huge day for me. To wear this uniform for me is very proud.”

Collins: “I’m not the devil people make me out to be. I’ve mellowed out quite a bit.”

Collins: “I love this job, I love this game, and I will do what I can to win some games and play some baseball in October.

Question and Answer Portion

Being Fiery – I have a lot of energy and I want my players to have a lot of energy, and if that happens there will be a lot of energy everyday at Citi Field in 2011.

Approach – Gonna be a new day and a new year. We have to be confident and try to keep our players healthy and on the field. If that happens there’s no reason we shouldn’t have success.

Top Priority – We got ability here. We are gonna start off with the basics. We don’t ever take for granted that our players know what they are doing. We are going to make sure they execute fundamentals properly.

Bunting – Is bunting going to be part of the game, absolutely.

Wow, it’s over? Lasted only 17 minutes and Collins only spoke for 11 of those minutes.

Not one tough question was asked, not one. I’m a little disappointed.

My Thoughts – A very energetic guy who was kind of all over the place. He has as much enthusiasm as people half his age. 

He didn’t say anything revealing and I still have no idea what his philosophy is, but he seemed like a straight-shooter which is what many players have said about him.

He mentioned fundamentals quite a bit which is definitely something I’d like to see the team embrace, not just in words, but with actions and execution.

He’ll be wearing uniform #10.

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