Rangers Would Take On Hefty Portion Of Beltran’s Salary In A Trade

Earlier this morning, during his regular NFL Sunday radio show on WFAN, Mike Francesa broke away from football for a moment and reported something that caught the attention of one of our readers, Bayonne Mets Fan.

Francesa on FB Sunday – He’s heard that Texas Rangers have inquired about Carlos Beltran and that they would pay up to $10-12 million dollars of his salary. He also said Texas would not mind Beltran in their outfield next year too.

As a huge Carlos Beltran fan, I would hate to see him go to another team, but the bottom line is that he may not be here after next season anyway, so it would make perfect sense for the Mets to look into this.

Just for the salary it would free up alone, it could put the Mets in a better position to shore up a more dire situation in the starting rotation. Especially with the emergence of Angel Pagan as a viable everyday centerfielder, and the potential Lucas Duda flashed in the last few weeks of the season.

I haven’t quite taken a look at the Rangers roster to see what players might be a good fit for the Mets to target, but maybe some of you have some ideas on that.

I’d be happy even if we were to get a couple of top level major league ready prospects would do us some good considering that most of our own best prospects are still years away.

Let me throw it back at you. What are your thoughts?

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