Is Moneyball Philosophy A Plan For Wilpons To Cash Out In 2012?

According to Jon Heyman in a post to, the Mets have what is now thought to be the most expensive front office in payroll.

Heyman says that Sandy Alderson is being paid approximately more than twice as much annually than what the Mets paid for Omar Minaya.

DePodesta, the Mets’ new VP of player development and scouting, reached an agreement to remain living in San Diego and is thought to be receiving a salary of close to $1 million a year from the Mets (Alderson’s salary is rumored to be close to $3 million in what is thought to be baseball’s most expensive front office). Mets holdover Wayne Krivsky, who has a year to go on his contract, and the newly-hired J.P. Ricciardi also are former GMs. Omar Minaya, the outgoing GM is still being paid more than $1 million for two more years, but hasn’t decided what he’ll do.

If you do the math using Heyman’s numbers as a guide, the Mets could be shelling out $7-8 million dollars annually on their front office executives, and over the course of three seasons that comes to about $24 million dollars. That is a HUGE investment.

Last week, Heyman said that the Mets will be spending more money this offseason to improve the front office rather than improving the team’s roster. He said via Twitter:

The Mets new strategy is to spend big $ on executives rather than players.

At the time, I didn’t gully grasp the impact of what he was saying, but now that he has clarified it with some actual numbers I see that the Mets are very serious about rebuilding the team from the top down.

Allow me to speculate a little…

I am wondering if this means that the Mets will gradually begin reducing payroll as part of their master plan for the new Mets; one that will utilize Moneyball principles to maximize production while shelling out less and less money in payroll in the upcoming years.

With $50 million dollars expected to come of the books in 2012, once the contracts of Beltran, K-Rod, Perez and Castillo expire, I wonder if the Wilpons will take the savings and pocket it rather than re-inserting the cash back into the overall payroll budget for that season?

I know I am just speculating here, but the two pieces of the puzzle seem to fit so perfectly together, don’t they?

Can you see the 2012 – 2015 Mets operating with a payroll budget of about $80 million dollars?

By the way – The more I read about Moneyball, the more I learn that it’s not really about statistics like OBP and OPS, the advanced statistics are simply the tools you use to achieve the goal of finding undervalued players and getting more production for your payroll dollars; and that is what the Moneyball philosophy is. It’s really not as scary as I thought and so far it does make perfect sense, especially if your team has limited financial resources, although every team should want to get the most value for their payroll dollars and that philosophy shouldn’t be limited to just low market teams.

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