Alderson Should Bring Hudson To The Mets

As Sandy Alderson continues to hire his buddies and show no urgency in hiring a manager, he needs to consider bringing Orlando Hudson to the New York Mets.

Hopefully Alderson will finally cut loose the dead weight  that is Luis Castillo.  The Mets should have signed Hudson in 2009, but instead they let him go to the Dodgers.  Once again the Mets had another chance earlier this year to sign Hudson, but Omar didn’t.  Since things are supposed to be different now that the great and powerful Sandy Alderson is the General Manage,r hopefully this is the year Orlando Hudson will finally wear a Mets jersey.

Hudson is a 4 time gold glove winner.  Hudson is a career .280 hitter with a career on base percentage of .346.  Another great thing about Hudson is that he actually wants to be on the Mets. I can’t say that about too many players these days.

Hudson is a solid player who is also known to be a great clubhouse presence.

Hudson can still field which is something that cannot be said for our current second baseman Luis Castillo. Hudson can also hit and get on base which is something defensive-minded Ruben Tejada can’t do very well.  Hudson will also be a leader on a team that needs some real leadership.

Now I know Sandy Alderson doesn’t expect to be active in free agency, but this is a move that won’t cost much and needs to be made.  The lack of defense up the middle has really hurt the Mets the last several years.  I think Hudson will also be a great influence on Jose Reyes and I would love to see Hudson and Reyes turn some double plays next season.

Last season he played for the division winning Twins, and the season before that the first place Dodgers. His final season with the D’Backs saw them finish in second place in 2008, but they have finished last two straight  seasons since the O-Dog left.

Unfortunately, I’m sure Hudson will sign on with another team and have another good season while we’re left with Ruben Tejada, who really should spend more time seasoning in AAA , but maybe Alderson will prove me wrong.