Will The NY Media Choose The Next Mets GM?

Not too much Mets news to report the last few days, but there is an interesting article by Joel Sherman of the NY Post who is starting to sound like a campaign manager for Sandy Alderson these days.

I was a little shocked by the way he began his article by saying that once commissioner Bud Selig granted permission for Alderson to interview with Mets next Thursday or Friday, “that meant he wanted Alderson to get the job — badly”.

Selig wants Alderson to be next GM badly? Just because he granted Mets permission to speak to him? Really?

“Bud has allegiance to Fred [Wilpon] and does not want a team in New York to be this kind of mess,” a friend of the commissioner said.

I certainly hope this is not true and that Sherman is just grasping at straws to strengthen his argument and build his case for Alderson which he does later in his piece.

I have a ton of respect for the other three defined candidates for the position: Allard Baird, Josh Byrnes and Rick Hahn. Each could be an excellent general manager under the right circumstances. But the Mets’ circumstances cry out for what Alderson offers — a combination of brains, stature, accomplishment and fortitude. Case closed.

He would bring the Mets an intellect they have been missing plus instant organization, credibility and the perception throughout the game that the general manager — and not ownership — is running the baseball operations. None of the other candidates can do this. So if the Wilpons do not pick Alderson now they should know the first reaction is going to be that they will be giving their fans more of the same.

I like Sherman, but when he sinks his teeth into something he loses a lot of his objectivity.

I fear that if the media and mainstream baseball sites keep pushing hard for Alderson, the Wilpons will forgo a true and honest search to fill their GM vacancy.

I want the Wilpons to make their choice without any preconceived notions or with their hearts already set on someone who will appease the press and gain some temporary positive press.

If Alderson is the best choice then great, but I’m not digging the turn these Alderson fueled media outlets have taken, even before the Mets have yet to interview one of the thirty candidates they started out with.

I also don’t want Bud Selig influencing the decision, and I wish he’d keep his personal views on whom he would pick from being intentionally leaked for the purpose of putting pressure on the Wilpons to choose his man Alderson.

Sherman ends his article by saying he doesn’t want the Mets to give the fans more of the same. I would argue that if the Wilpons heed the call of an overzealous media, they would be doing exactly just that.

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