Sometimes, We Get It Wrong Too…


Among all the things that I’ll miss about the 2010 season, I’m pretty certain that I’ll miss R.A. Dickey the most. What can you say about the Mets phenomenal knuckleballer that hasn’t been said a thousand times already? That he’s a gamer… a warrior… a leader… and most of all a winner?

He’s all those things and so much more.

His storyline this season was as inspirational as it was incredible, and believe me when I say that nobody saw it coming. Just take a look at some of the comments that were left after the Mets signed Dickey to a minor league deal:

Dickey??? Just what we needed a washed up has been who can’t throw a strike. Who’s gonna catch a knuckleballer?

This is almost comical…I really hope upper management knows what they’re doing.

This is what’s called a power move. Expect Minaya to sign Vince Coleman as a pinch running specialist..

I have a suggestion for 2010 Mets season ticket holders. Get them posted on Ebay quickly to avoid the rush.

Whew…and we were worried? Now I can put in my season ticket order. October baseball here we come!

Not be out done by the Yankees acquisition of Vasquez, the Mets announced they are signing a minor league deal with 35 year old knuckleballer, RA Dickey. This offseason is like an onion, the more layers you peel away, the more it stinks…

Last year Putz and this year Dickey? Seriously…no one wins when one of their pitchers name is RA Dickey!!!!!!!

I reviewed over 100 comments and not one person had anything positive to say about this season’s top Mets pitcher. Which of course is clear and convincing evidence that bloggers and fans don’t always know everything. Sometimes we can get it wrong too… way wrong.

A couple of weeks ago, Adam Rubin reported that not only is Dickey wanting to remain a Met, but that he would even take less upfront money in a multi year deal so that the team will have some extra cash to pursue other players to help the team.

When I first read those words I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised to say the least… I mean only a player that loves his team and the city he plays for would say something like that. You just don’t expect to hear things like that anymore from today’s Boras-influenced ballplayers who are more focused on the size of their paychecks than they are winning. Dickey is one-of-a-kind.

Dickey’s career high 11 wins and 2.84 ERA (#7 in NL) only tells part of the story. There’s a side to Dickey that is as refreshing as it his compassionate. He almost sounds almost like Obi Wan Kenobi when he speaks, straight to the point but in the most civilized and noble manner.

In addition to the stats I already cited, consider some of his other achievements this season:

  • Of Dickey’s 26 starts this season, 20 of them were Quality Starts.
  • On August 13th, Dickey threw a one-hitter, allowing only a sixth-inning single to pitcher Cole Hamels, to shutout the Phillies 1-0 at Citi Field. Yes it was Friday the 13th.
  • Dickey was 7-3 at Cit Field in 11 starts with a 1.99 ERA in 81.1 innings pitched.
  • His best month was July when he posted a 1.15 ERA going 1-3 in 6 starts, He lost 3 games 1-0, 2-0 and 3-2, and the lone win was a 4-0 shutout.
  • Dickey got off to a huge start by winning his first six decisions to start the season, the first Mets pitcher in franchise history ever to accomplish the feat.

On the day before the season ended, Mets fans were treated to a surprise appearance as Dickey made his way out of the bullpen much to the delight of a few thousand still loyal fans on hand, and of course he would become the winning pitcher courtesy of a Josh Thole walkoff. If that was a parting gift from the now exiled manager Jerry Manuel, I will gladly accept it and say thanks.

Now that the season has ended and the dawn of a new era begins, my hope is that the Mets take Dickey up on his offer, and reward him with a 2-year deal, just as he rewarded us all season long. Lets give something back to a player who gave so much to this team.  

In a season chock full of too many bad memories, Dickey softened the blow and always gave us a chance to win. That’s a rare thing these days in Flushing.

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