Oliver Perez Earns Cy Yuk Award From ESPN

Jayson Stark of ESPN hands out his annual awards including MVP’s Josh Hamilton and Joey Votto, Cy Young’s Felix Hernandez and Roy Halladay, the guy everybody said the Phillies were crazy for replacing Cliff Lee with. That last part was added by myself.

Also among the victors, he listed the spoils… chief among them were Oliver Perez of whom he writes,

It wasn’t easy to hand the ever-popular Cy Yuk Award to someone who doesn’t work for the Pirates, the first staff since the 1946 A’s to produce three starters with at least 10 losses but no more than three wins. But when Perez is still in our midst, raking in his $12 million a year, that’s hard for even the Cy Yuk Award Committee to overlook. It was some year for Ollie, all right. He showed up in the box scores in 16 games. The Mets won one of them — on April 27, in a game in which Perez got gonged in the fourth inning. But that just got this guy rolling toward a truly historic disaster of a year. His record: 0-4. His WHIP: a terrifying 2.02. His ERA: a messy 6.65. His strikeout/walk ratio: an ugly 36 whiffs/39 walks. So how many other pitchers since 1900 who made as many starts and pitched as many innings as Ollie managed to rack up a WHIP and ERA as bad as this man’s and avoid winning a game, even by accident? Exactly one — Jim Converse, of the 1994 Mariners (0-5, 8.69). But those numbers only tell the story of Perez’s on-field debacle. Off the field, he was just as inspirational. He was so adamant about not going to the minor leagues to get his mechanics ironed out, the Mets all but invented an injury to send him out on a rehab option. After he returned, he was one of three Mets who skipped out on a team trip to visit wounded veterans at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. And his team was so delighted with his whole M.O., the Mets made it through 25 consecutive games in August without asking him to pitch once, even though he was on the active roster. No other pitcher on any club could make that claim, according to Elias. So it isn’t often you run across a pitcher who so clearly grasps the true essence of Cy Yuk-iness. But Ollie Perez — he gets it. In more ways than one.

That’s some harsh criticism, but definitely well deserved of course.

With all this talk of axing Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel and invoking change, I hope the first change we see after they get their ducks in order, is Oliver Perez getting jettisoned from the Mets 40 man roster.

Of all the players currently on the Mets and projected to be back in 2011, Perez is the one I mostly want to see gone for good.

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