Morning Grind: Hiring Practices, Daniels, Frenchy, 3 Amigos

Met Nation,

We are a bit closer to locking down our GM, the first chip in the succession of moves that are supposed to take the Mets back to the promise land. A bit much? Well, that’s the way we should view these moves. Really. Nothing less than this should be expected by any of us, the Wilpons, or the players themselves. I think having that attitude has been understated for way too long in Flushing. Having “that guy” at the helm makes a big difference. There is arguably nobody more competitive than the guy getting all the GM love right now.

Hiring Practices in MLB

After Monday’s Grind, I thought it be a good idea to get your thoughts on this minority hiring issue. It was more rampant on the Met based blogs than anywhere else but there were many sharp comments and thoughts about Al Avila, the Assistant GM for the Tigers, getting consideration for the Mets helm. The guy is sharp as a tack and deserves to be a GM somewhere regardless of anything race related. I suppose on the other side of things, these practices wouldn’t need to be in place if there wasn’t already a bit of a problem. Speaking for me, and having been considered for jobs I thought were really big, I always wanted to get the job because I was the best candidate for it. That went for the interview, too. It’s better when you’re wanted for your talents and skills.

All candidates for jobs in the MLB (and most other places) have to be considered but it seems worse and more of an insult to offer interviews as a formality when the candidate can’t do anything to get hired in your mind because they have their preference for someone else. Avila will get a job somewhere based on his own merits and obvious talent. Hey, those are the rules, right? Now tell me what you think of them.

The Forbidden Fruit

What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted the worst? Probably the one thing you can’t have. It could be your best friend’s hot girlfriend. The car that you could never afford. Etcetera. Etcetera. Regardless of what should be merely a formality that Sandy Alderson is hired as the GM, it still intrigues me that up to the time of this posting, the Mets are still inquiring and looking into Jon Daniels. Yes, he has New York ties and has a truckload of talent when it comes to scouting and player evaluation. Yes, he probably would be a fantastic fit in Flushing. He’s even considered a “young Pat Gillick”. But he would be starting over in effect by coming over to our side.

In the words of Jon Daniels himself: “I’ve got a great job; this is a tremendous organization; and I get to work with great people,” Daniels said. “I don’t even want to be part of the story.”

So why are the Mets still asking?

The Grass Is Greener In Arlington

People can say what they want but I thought Frenchy was great, maybe not in batting average against righties, but in other ways for the Mets. It was good to see him find success with his new team. He was and is a role player. A right handed bat that can hit lefties very well. Simple. Too bad we never found a way to use him to the fullest while he was here. Maybe we just didn’t have the ability to based on what we had on the bench. His numbers deep in the heart of Texas? .340 with an .848 on-base-plus-slugging over 56 at-bats with Texas, including going 8-for-20 against left-handed pitchers. We are going to get new players and personnel and the team will look much differently very soon. Jeff Francoeur is a good reminder that we need someone who can not only evaluate talent but play to their strengths and limit every opportunity to expose their weaknesses. I think we can actually look forward to seeing more of that. Hope you buy into that before I mention these next three guys.

The Three Amigos Back In The Saddle

Blame Steve Popper. He started (or re-started) this but there’s a strong likelihood that Carlos Beltran, Luis Castillo, and Oliver Perez will be back with the team next year. There’s just too much money and too many questions to unload them. It’s not impossible but just not probable. Beltran is the only guy out of the three that could possibly give us something to cheer about if completely healthy. How would the new regime use Castillo and Perez?

“Which one do you like? I like the one that’s not so smart.”

“Which one is that?”

Castillo can play from the bench but in what situation would his bat and speed be needed he says with tongue firmly in cheek. Bat and speed? Perez can’t start. Perez can’t relieve. Perez can’t work out of long relief. Not much left to do. Hope will be abundant in winter ball most definitely. If we’re indeed stuck with them, any ideas from the Met Nation on how we can use them with minimum damage and maximum results? There’s some homework for you.

“No, we will not die like dogs! We will fight like lions! Because we are….The Three Amigos.”

The Mets are going to one day make us proud and someday hoist a World Championship trophy over their heads. Why? Because they fought like lions. Have a great day, Met Nation.