Morning Grind: GM Search Over, Selig, Arms Race, (Free) Agents

It’s not just in Flushing. Everywhere in the league where there is no playoff teams in the hunt, these teams are starting to get into position for major moves, trades, and acquisitions. Here comes the money!

GM Search A Formality?

Joel Sherman thinks that Alderson is the best qualified to fix the “mess” that is the Mets.

“[Alderson] would bring the Mets an intellect they have been missing plus instant organization, credibility and the perception throughout the game that the general manager – and not ownership – is running the baseball operations. None of the other candidates can do this. So if the Wilpons do not pick Alderson now they should know the first reaction is going to be that they will be giving their fans more of the same.”

Grain of salt. This move would go a long, long way towards changing the culture here. It would be the first piece of clear evidence that the Mets want to do that and are open to change at all. What are your thoughts on Sandy? Got another thought in mind that rivals this one? Share.

The Power Of Bud

Clearly, a lot of people (Bud Selig included) want Alderson to get this GM job. Ah, the awesome power of network. Bud likes Fred. Bud likes Alderson. So? Bud likes Mets. I can’t blame him for wanting to see a team the caliber of the Mets be reverted back into a force in “the greatest city in the whole freakin’ world”. This may be a factor that forces Jeff to make this move and I couldn’t be happier about it. Jeff, step back. Sandy, step right up and meet the Mets. This is the chance to put their money where their mouths are.

Here’s a thought for the road: potential general manager Sandy Alderson has believed it’s misusing your resources to hire an expensive manager, while Mets owner Fred Wilpon would prefer a manager with previous ties to the Mets. Nice. Now who do we know that fits both criteria? Give you a hint: He used to play second base for us. Wah Wah Wah. I’m leaning towards the opinion that if Alderson is the new GM, the manager can be just about anybody that’s been a candidate and it should work but I’m sure he has someone in the back of his mind.

A Call To Arms

Well, it may be safe to cross this name off the postseason wish list. According to John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Reds intend to pick up Bronson Arroyo‘s 2011 team option. The 34 year old won a career high 17 games in ’10 with a 3.88 ERA in 215 innings. He pitched 200 innings for the 6th straight season. He is 103-93 with a 4.19 ERA in 11 big league seasons with the Pirates, BoSox, and Reds, and he’s in the final year of a two year, $25 million contract. That’s a name I hoped for in ’11 and not to head into a free agency spend-a-thon. Hey, you never know what a season can bring. I like this name better than Dice-K and Carlos Zambrano right now but those names are flowing around as well. I can’t say I know how these guys will fit. The Diceman has high walk totals, has high pitch counts, a near 5 ERA, and is owed almost what Oliver Perez is or close to it. (2 yrs, 20M) The real difference is Dice-K has really good stuff. Somebody said the same about Ollie too, though, huh? And I’m very concerned about letting Zambrano and K-Rod sit together in the clubhouse. That’s got UFC written all over it. What else you got?

Free Agent Short List

It looks like the team that has caused us premature baldness, agita, and stress headaches has been attempting to use prudence as of late. So picking free agent pitchers that are available and affordable are not enough of a criteria to bring over to this team. Especially after all they’ve been through and taking the fan base through by extension. The choices have to be thoroughly considered. There are guys out there that fit from a money standpoint, can pitch well in hostile environments, and have shown durability and overall good stuff. Kevin Correia, Justin Duchscherer (his nickname would be “Douche”), Cliff Lee (Duh!), Ted Lilly,  Brandon Webb, Chris Young (club option which the Pods are not picking up apparently), and Brad Penny come to mind.

Along with that are changes to the free agency process due tosome concerns raised by the players association about how free agency was handled by teams during the past two off seasons. In a nutshell:

“Among the changes are that eligible players will automatically become free agents; the previous 15-day period after the World Series during which only the free agent’s original team can sign him to a new contract has been shortened to five days; earlier deadlines for the original teams to offer, and for the players to accept, salary arbitration under the rules of the Basic Agreement; an earlier date for Clubs to make tender and non-tender decisions; stricter rules for all parties (the MLBPA, MLB, Clubs, players and agents) to guard against collusion in the free agent process and restrictions on the abilities of the Clubs, players and agents to conduct their free agent negotiations through use of the media.”

So how does this affect our quest for a World Title if it does at all? You tell me. Have a fantastic day! LGM.