Morning Grind: GM Quota, K-Rod, Greinke, Berkman

Good Morning, Met Nation. Get your grind on.

GM Search-A-Thon

It’s hard to believe that the GM search is going into late October. I thought that Alderson was and is the best fit.  Some people would call this “due diligence” but there are some negatives. We’ll touch more on this in Wednesday’s Grind. In this case with the team being what it currently is, the quicker the right candidate is hired, the quicker that the structure can be set and players and personnel can be targeted. Correct?

Al Avila, Detroit’s asst GM, was up next for an interview but declined by Detroit. A bright and brilliant young mind and more than qualified to be a GM practically anywhere but would’ve never gotten this job. Daniels is still being looked at by the Mets although he would have to wait until season’s end to opt out due to his contract. What do they hope to gain? Grant Alderson a second interview and still keep asking about this guy at the same time? Even the guys that get big props in this game like Gillick, Towers, and Beane know who is the best pick. 

“You can be sure he will give great attention to hiring a qualified manager, if given the opportunity. He will place great emphasis on scouting and player development. He will build a pro scouting staff stocked with veteran people who know how to do their jobs. He will give credit to others while taking responsibility for the fate of the Mets.” ~ Fred Claire

Make an offer and let’s move on to the next agenda items. There’s a lot of work to do in Flushing. A lot. 

Settle For Less

The Mets and closer Francisco Rodriguez will not go to a scheduled arbitration hearing on Monday as the involved parties feel that they are nearing a settlement, according to Dan Martin and Joel Sherman of the New York Post.  There’s now belief on all sides of the table that an agreement could be announced as soon as Monday or Tuesday. It was said that a grievance hearing and subsequent arbitration process would have been rather lengthy.  Instead, the Mets, Rodriguez, the Commissioner’s Office, and the Players Association have worked behind the scenes to strike a compromise. The closer is set to earn $11.5MM in ’11 with a $17.5MM vesting option ($3.5MM buyout) in ’12.  A settlement prior to arbitration likely means that the club will still be on the hook for those years.  However, the Mets may be able to recoup some or all of the cash paid to Rodriguez during the time of his injury late in the season. Either way, although fans may hate the idea, this is the best move for the team. Now make yourself believe the same for the “other three pieces of perpetual trade bait”. If you can’t move them, keep them in hopes that they play well enough to help you. On the hook is the best way to describe this.

Look But Don’t Touch?

“According to Buster Olney, the Royals intend to listen to offers for ace RHP Zack Greinke this winter. Olney notes the Royals do not have to trade him now, as they could wait for next season’s trade deadline, or possibly next winter before dealing him. The Royals have a very deep farm system regardless of whether or not they decide to deal Greinke, which I eventually think they will. I am sure he will command a “Kings Ransom” in return, and while he’s young and obviously fits what the Mets need in their rotation going forward, I’d have to wonder if the new GM would be willing to deal a prospects-based package, which I assume would start with Jenrry Mejia for Greinke. The soon-to-be 27 year old Greinke, who won the 2009 A.L. Cy Young Award, went 10-14 with a 4.17 ERA in 220 IP this season, and has 2 yrs/$27M remaining on his current contract, after which he can become a free agent. He has a limited no-trade clause in 2010, but has no veto power beyond this year. The Mets would be fools to not, at least, inquire about this guy. Hopefully the new management will not take Cliff Lee off the table. And how does the name Lance Berkman grab you and why are the Mets thinking about him when they have Ike Davis? A 35 year old 1st baseman (yes) and outfielder (not really) with declining numbers going to a league with no DH. Hopefully, they have learned from their past mistakes.

Time to get to work on a run for a World title. With a name like Wilpon, it has to be good… LOL