Morning Grind: ’12 Is The New ’11 For The Mets

Just another manic Monday, huh, Met Nation?

Hopefully, better days are on the horizon for what could be arguably the most beleaguered large market team in the league. It’s expected that the team wins. It’s expected that the team spends. It’s expected that there are more playoff runs, positive progressions and growth, and pennants and World Titles hanging from the rafters. No excuses, no explanations? But more expectations than one can shake a stick at. Face it. When teams of this caliber do well, it’s good for the league. Stepping outside of the orange and blue haze for a moment, I would rather see the Mets play almost anyone in the A.L. for the ultimate title than to see mid-market teams duke it out. One has to be careful of what they wish for but I want that big market monster that wins and is always in the thick of playoff races. I want the Mets’ names to always be in the discussion for best team in the league. I’ve always been competitive and I guess little’s changed. May I speak for our fans and say we’d like less negative press and more winning? It seems that a Championship is so far away and I can’t believe that this has to be.

I always solicit your opinions as readers because you often bring insights we may not have considered. I would really like to know specifically what you think and why here. It’s not always clear what some fans expect in 2011. I have gone on record in print on how I would like the franchise to proceed. You know what GM’s I prefer and what players I think help this team progress best. And I have heard many of your thoughts on each matter, too. What is YOUR expectation for 2011? Do we want the team to yield to a rebuilding phase (cleverly disguised as a youth movement because you can’t really openly rebuild in the Big Apple)? Would you prefer an all out spending spree in an effort to secure a playoff run towards a shot at a World Series? Or do you just want a winning record in 2011 and let 2012 take care of itself? As clear-cut as your answers might be to this question, many of the recent comments sound good in theory but have supported the above three options. Only one will increase the odds of a shot at a championship. Have we conceded that ownership’s recent moves make the dream of winning big in NY an impossibility? Are the thoughts of spending big, even in this market, unrealistic or foolhardy or exactly what this team needs to do to turn things around?

All indications coming out of the Mets camp are that we are in a rebuilding phase whether the word “rebuilding” is used or not.

“Whoever assumes control of the Mets will face the challenging job of rebuilding the franchise despite several burdensome contracts that do not expire until after the 2011 season. Whether or not the team can trade or release Oliver Perez, Luis Castillo, Carlos Beltran, or Francisco Rodriguez, it will likely be responsible for most of the money owed those players. Because of those payroll commitments, the Mets do not expect to chase any major free agents this offseason, according to sources. They will use next year to begin implementing a new organizational plan, and look forward to spending newly available money next offseason.” ~ Andy Martino, New York Daily News

Friends, this doesn’t sit right with me most especially because of the years we’ve endured recently. We are supposed to swallow another similar looking year to the previous or worse since we’ll be without a bonafide ace. A new organizational plan? I couldn’t imagine what that would be. The only things they haven’t tried is to go young at almost every position and do their best Minnesota Twins imitation. Or they can actively go after every quality free agent on the market and make a run now rather than later. Is there another option that I neglected to mention? This gentleman has one.

“The Mets’ best chance will be that Year 2 of Prevention and Recovery turns out better than this year and the Mets have a healthy outfield of Bay, Beltran and Angel Pagan, and solid years from David Wright, Jose Reyes and Ike Davis on the infield. Oh, and Johan Santana had better heal fast. The lost season this year at least let the Mets get a read on some of their younger players and most of them were passable. For 2011, that might be as good as it gets.” ~ Steve Popper, Bergen Record

Hopes. Dreams. Maybes. Ifs. Whens. Probables. Steve isn’t the only one that feels this is the best option. IMO, that plan blows and it does nothing to ensure that 2012 will be any better. One definition of insanity is to do the same actions and expect a different result. This sounds the same to me. What do you think about all this, Met Nation? Have a great day. I’m going to try to.