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On weekends, Mack loves to take questions from his many readers and answer them on his blog. While everyone is lying low and Mets news is slow drifting in, Saturdays and Sundays are perfect for heading over to Mack’s and checking out his great Q&A series as well as all his reports on Mets minor leaguers and the MLB Draft.

Today, somebody asked him what it would take for the Mets to get Zach Grienke. I’m kind of curious about what he thought myself, and here is his reply…

You mean, what would it take for the Mets to trade for a 25-year old superstar lefty that went 16-8, 2.16, for a shit team… wow.

First, the Mets need someone to make the telephone call. That would take a General Manager.

Next, you have to agree to the entire remainder of his contract (2011: $13.5mil, 2012: $13.5mil). I know this wouldn’t be a problem, but KC just finished paying almost $6mil of 2010 salaries to six players long gone. They’re not going to do it here.

You’re asking for a team that just won only 67 games to trade to the Mets the guy who won 16 of them. This has Johan Santana-type trade written all over it.

You first have to replace an ace with a potential, younger, ace. The Mets have one, Jenrry Mejia.

Next, Kansas City plays in the American League. Lucas Duda could be a dominant DH for ten years with that swing. Add Duda.

Third, you’re going to have to throw in a starter that can step in right away and replace Grienke in the 2011 rotation. Add Jon Niese.

And lastly… put five names in front of them and tell them to pick one: Daniel Murphy, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Fernando Martinez, Zach Lutz, or Nick Evans.

Now… I ask you… would you do that deal?

Actually, yes I still might do it.

I love Grienke’s realized accomplishments much better than the potential of what we’re giving up. The odds that all of those players make it to the same elite level of Zach Grienke is less than 10%, and the chances just one of them achieves his value is still less than 50%. What’s that old saying… A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Plus the Mets have history on their side…

We basically gave up the same package for an older Johan Santana whose velocity and strikeout rate was declining… and where are all those players now? Exactly… Top prospects? I think not.

Oh and another key point… We don’t have to sign him to an extension that would make him the highest paid pitcher in baseball like we gave Johan. As Mack noted, he’s signed through 2012 so we don’t have to worry about that for two years.

And if and when Santana does come back, imagine a rotation of Grienke, Johan, Pelfrey and Dickey. Stacks up very nicely against Halladay, Oswalt and Hamels if you ask me.

Let the Yankees give Cliff Lee his $100 million dollar deal, we should think young and put the focus on 26-year old Zach Grienke.

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