Fred And Kevin Get Candid On Camera

This afternoon I watched an interview on SNY that was a gem. Kevin Burkhardt sat down and quietly spoke with Fred Wilpon about all that has been happening the past few weeks.

About all the current Mets news – hirings, firings, etc. and the changes that will now be able to take place as the slate is currently clean, and a new GM will be hired sometime soon, and he/she will hire the Manager.

Kevin is very talented at speaking to people – no matter who they are. He was respectful of Fred, yet asked the questions that needed to be asked in a careful way. Fred, always the gentleman, responded in kind.

They spoke about everything that has been under discussion this past week – truths and untruths, family and business matters and the fact that Fred watches and/or listens to every single Mets game where ever he is and has done so for over thirty years.

It is hard to remember all that happened as I was quite taken by the two of them having a conversation that would rarely occur in the outside world – that gave us a small peek into Fred’s world. A world that encompasses several different companies and businesses under the same Sterling umbrella. Yet he spoke with Kevin as though they were family.

Yes, Kevin really listens and today he listened to the Mets biggest fan, and best friend, Fred Wilpon.