Dedicated And Determined Met Fans Step Up

If this isn’t dedication for your favorite sports team, I don’t know what is. I would love to hear how Mets management would respond to this:

Direct from Larry Brown Sports, I thought you guys and gals would get a kick out of this.

This is without a doubt one of the most unique and hilarious fan stories I’ve ever come across. No offense to Oliver Perez, but apparently New York Met fans have the ability to get pretty creative when they’re tired of the way things are going — which seems to happen more often than not.  Hardball Talk has brought to our attention that a few Met fans are raising money to buy out Oliver Perez’s contract. Absolutely brilliant.  The Mets are in the market for a new general manager and when they find one, I think he’d be wise to make cashing in on this proposal one of his top priorities.  The fans in charge of the fund plan to accept donations until February 13, which is when pitchers and catchers report to off-season workouts.  The goal is the $12 million that is left on Perez’s 3 year, $36 million deal. Perez has angered Mets fans by pitching horribly since signing a fat contract in 2009 and even refusing a Triple-A assignment when he was struggling.  The organizers of the fund have even vowed to donate the money to charity if they fall short of their goal.  However, if they come even close to reaching the goal, I’d like to think the Mets’ front office would realize how passionate their fan base is about hating the guy and bite the bullet.  All in all, I think it’s a genius concept.

Now, if this is legit, I think it is a marvelous way to get the attention of owners who, otherwise, might be oblivious to what the fans really want.

This also, IMHO, dispels the myth or helps to blow up the image that Met fans are fickle, don’t care, are capricious, and are not among the best fans in the league.

This is good press and the choices for new management and faces on the field will only add to the much needed image makeover for the Amazin’ franchise.