An MMO Tribute To The Yankees and Phillies

You didn’t for one minute think that I’d let his go without saying something did ya?

They Lost, They Lost 

(Sing to the music of “New York, New York”)

Start spreading the news… We’re crying today.
The Yanks wont be a part of it. They Lost, They Lost.

These overpaid boobs… Won’t have their parade.
I can’t believe how bad they were, Out-played, Out-played.

I want to throw up in that shithole in the Bronx,
Where they serve warm cups of beer… and charge twenty bucks.

These Yankeetown blues… Won’t soon go away.
They just can’t face the fact that they – were so disgraced…

If they can make one plea.
They’d get down on their knees.
Please come and save our ass… Cliff Lee.

Ah yes, it was so sweet to see their strategy of not pitching to the new “Yankee Killer” Josh Hamilton, burn in flames.

The Beard Of The Giant 

(Sing to the music of “Eye Of The Tiger”)

Packing up, there goes our season.
Took the field, got our ass kicked.
Halladay, he just wasn’t enough.
Lincecum was too freaky.

Howard choked, left his bat on his shoulder.
He has no passion or glory.
Thought for sure, that our Cheesecakes would win.
But we choked, that’s the story.

It’s like burning to ashes, with no rescue in sight.
Shrinking from all the pressures of fighting.

It’s so easy to choke, when you are counting on Chase,
And the last thing we saw was the beard… of the Giant.

Hey, a cool fun fact from Ed Leyro of Studious Metsimus, no matter who wins the series, Bengie Molina gets a World Series ring either way! Oh and Rob Neyer, would you like to take back your quote that whoever is interested in Jeff Francoeur, is not interested in winning? LMAO!

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