Welcome To Fred’s World

With all the chatter here – and elsewhere – about who should be fired, or not have their contract renewed, I thought I would find out who all these people are.

We’re talking about a multi-million dollar business operation here, not sandlot baseball, you know.

For those who are intent on changing the various Mets Officials/Staff – here’s the list as found on the Mets Team Website.

Office of the Chairman
Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer: Fred Wilpon
President: Saul Katz
Chief Operating Officer: Jeff Wilpon

Partners & Board of Directors
Fred Wilpon, Saul Katz, Jeff Wilpon, Richard Wilpon, Michael Katz, David Katz, Tom Osterman, Arthur Friedman
Directors: Steve Greenberg, Stuart Sucheman
Partner: Marving Tepper

Front Office
Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations & General Manager:
Omar Minaya
Executive Vice President, Business Operations: Dave Howard
Executive Vice President and General Counsel: David Cohen
Chief Financial Officer: Mark Peskin
Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications: David Newman
Senior Vice President, Corporate Sales & Service: Paul Ascencio
Vice President, Guest Experience: Craig Marino
Vice President, Media Relations: Jay Horwitz
Vice President, Ticket Sales & Services: Bill Ianniciello
Vice President, Controller: Leonard Labita
Vice President, Facilities: Karl Smolarz
Vice President, Operations: Pat McGovern
Vice President, Security: Robert Kasdon
Vice President, Venue Services: Mike Landeen

Managers and Coaches
Jerry Manuel, Manager
Howard Johnson, Batting Coach
Dan Warthen, Pitching Coach
Razor Shines, First Base Coach
Chip Hale, Third Base Coach
Dave Jauss, Bench Coach
Randy Niemann, Bullpen Coach

Bob Melvin, Scout
Terry Collins, Defensive Coordinator
Jason Craig, Strength and Conditioning Coordinator
Mike Herbst, Assistant Trainer
Lamar Johnson, Hitting Coordinator
Kevin Morgan, Defensive Coordinator
Bob Natal, Catching Coordinator
David Racaniello, Bullpen Catcher
Ray Ramirez, Head Trainer
Mark Rogow, Coordinator of Medical Services
Rick Slate, Strength and Conditioning Coach
Rick Waits, Pitching Coordinator
Mookie Wilson, Baserunning Coordinator
John Zajac, Physical Therapist.

So, what changes would you make for next year if you were Fred Wilpon?