Trade Reyes For A Roll Of The Dice? No Thanks, I Wasn’t Born Yesterday.

I guess this whole break up the core thing is picking up some steam lately, and I still don’t know why…

Maybe I am just a thick-headed Sicilian, because no matter how hard people try to convince me, I still can’t for the life of me understand how trading your best players can be construed as improving the team.

Recently, I finally came to grips with the reality that we should see what we can get for core players Jose Reyes and David Wright.

What’s the harm right? Especially if it makes the team better… Why not?

But after reading this post on MetsBlog, I gotta tell you, I got very nauseous and queasy…

Matt points to this article by Ken Davidoff of Newsday that quoted an official from another National League club who believes the Mets could get ‘one really good prospect, one solid prospect, and one or two medium-range prospects’ in return for Jose Reyes.

Huh??? So we’re going to trade one of the most dynamic players in the game when healthy, a player who is only 27, for some prospects? That’s it???

Not one major league player coming back to fill a need??? No starting pitcher? No quality reliever? No shortstop in return? No leadoff hitter? For an elite starting shortstop???

I was a little surprised by Matt’s take on it, 

I agree with Davidoff and the team official that if the Mets were to trade Reyes, David Wright and Francisco Rodriguez (plus cash), they could bring in enough high-quality, young talent in one off season to make a real difference for the future.

No way… I don’t do this deal even if Branch Rickey himself was picking the prospects… I agree with Matt that it will make a real difference for the future, except that I believe it will change the future in a terribly bad way.

Go ask Minnesota Twins GM Bill Smith, how he feels about the package of four top prospects he received from the Mets in exchange for Johan Santana? Ask him where those prospects are now and what impact they made?

No way, I trade Reyes or Wright for a handful of prospects that have less than a 50/50 chance of ever making it to the majors. No way… No how…

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