Something Is Definitely Up

Some weird happenings are taking place in Metsville in the last few days.

First, Jeff Wilpon and John Ricco make an unexpected stop in Atlanta on Monday to watch the Mets lose to the Bravos. It prompts Anthony DiComo of, to suggest a potential shakeup was in the works.

“With just over a month remaining in the season, the Mets remain far from playoff contention, spawning the notion that a personnel shakeup is on the horizon.”

While in Atlanta, Wilpon seemed edgy and didn’t want to discuss anything with reporters, but did manage to take a swipe at his star player when he was asked if he would trade David Wright and break up the team’s core. “Is he part of the core?” Wilpon said. Ouch.

Then on Thursday, Jeff Wilpon shoots back to Brooklyn to meet up with Wally Backman to take in a Cyclones game.

I’m guessing that after watching his Mets stink it up for a few days at Turner Field, he just wanted to remember what it was like to play meaningful games in September. Right? Fugheddaboudit!

Hey, do you think the subject of Mets manager came up while Wally and Jeff were chumming it up in the garden spot of New York?

That’s exactly what the Brooklyn Paper was wondering, so they caught up with Wally and flat out asked him. His reply?

“No. No. He came in for some, uh (pause), um, they had to look at some structural stuff, I guess, for the stadium.”

Oh my… Hey Wally… If you’re gonna crumble under pressure like that from talking to some local yokel from Park Slope, how in the world are you gonna handle the pressure cooker that is the Mets media room after each game?

So how many of you believe that Jeff Wilpon really met with Backman to discuss stadium renovations?

Finally, there goes Omar Minaya yesterday, boarding a super cheap Jet Blue flight to Chicago and mixing it up with the muckety-mucks in coach. Omar has enough problems these days, but getting roasted on a plane loaded with disgruntled Mets fans had to be one helluva harrowing experience for him. It feels like the Wilpons might be showing him the door if you ask me… Coach? Really? 

All of this could mean nothing, but I don’t think so. Something tells me that we might be close to a massive shakeup that will include Jerry Manuel and most of his coaches, and even the big guy Omar Minaya will be ousted as well.

It’s been reported by many that no changes will happen before the end of the season, but I don’t think so… I’m feeling a sense of urgency in the air.

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