Positives Of The Mets 2010 Season

A lot of people on here and twitter and in general say I’m very negative about the New York Mets and they are correct.  Overall, the last 4 seasons have been disappointments with 2 consecutive collapses, the injuries last season and now this dreadful season.  2010 has seen rookies being called up when not ready, more mishandling of injuries and just downright bad baseball. However, there have been 3 big positives this season such as:

1. R.A. Dickey – Without a doubt I and I’m pretty sure Mets fans in general did not think R.A. Dickey would be as good as he has been this year.  On January 5th of this year when Dickey signed a minor league deal most people, including myself thought it was an insignificant signing but a record of 11-7 and ERA of 2.92 Dickey has been one of the best pitchers on the team.  He should have more wins but the offense hasn’t been very kind to Robert Allen Dickey.

2. Angel Pagan – Angel Pagan has in my mind proved his worth to the Mets this past year.  After Carlos Beltran just decided to have surgery before Spring Training and leave the team without a center fielder Angel Pagan stepped up and showed what a great player he is.  Gone were the mental mistakes that plagued him on the bases and in the field.  He did suffer an oblique injury that sidelined him for a few games but he has been relatively injury free this season.  Pagan should be the everyday player in center field but the selfishness of Carlos Beltran won’t allow that.  Pagan as he has played more innings has grown to a good player and in my opinion he’s the MVP of this disaster of a season.

3. Mike Pelfrey – Big Pelf needed a good season after 2009.  The 1st half of the season Big Pelf was the ace of this pitching staff.  If it was not for Charlie Manuel and the Phillies continual paranoia of the Mets Pelf would’ve been on the All-Star team. Big Pelf after the break wasn’t as sharp, but you can say the same for this whole team but in his last several starts he seems to be back to form.  Pelfrey has won 15 games this season and has a chance for a few more.  After last year I this is a great sign and I expect better things from Big Pelf in 2011.

I also would consider Jon Niese as a big positive this year. In his last few starts he looks tired as he’s pitched more than he ever has, but I see big things for this young pitcher and look forward to his 2011 season.