Does Ollie Need To See Some More Action?

It’s September 7th and the Mets are no where near contention for a playoff spot. With the season winding down and no playoff birth in site, this is where the Mets and their fans begin to look at the off season. One task the Mets’ new GM will have this off season is to unload Oliver Perez and his awful contract. The problem is Perez has no trade value, and Jerry Manuel has done nothing to make Perez look appealing to another team.

Now is the time to let Ollie see some action. The Mets are just playing out the rest of the season and are using Oliver Perez the same way they were when the they were in contention. The Mets need to use Oliver Perez frequently whether it is out of the bullpen or as a starter in order to build his trade value. Oliver has barely pitched this year and when he has it has been bad. Perez has a 6.65 earned run average in 46 innings this season, and that isn’t very appealing to potential suitors for Ollie. Lowering an ERA that high cannot be that hard, even for Oliver Perez. If Perez can string a few decent relief outings or maybe a few decent starts this month, he can lower that atrocious ERA and build himself some trade value. With the lack of use Ollie is getting, it is impossible for him to build up trade value.

With the amount of use Perez is seeing, it will be very hard for the Mets to deal him to another team this off season. The Mets cannot afford to go into another season with Oliver Perez on the roster. If Ollie can pitch decently down the stretch to prove that he is at least healthy, a team may be willing to take a chance on Perez because of his past success and because of his “potential”. Hopefully Perez begins to see some more action this week and builds his trade value so that we don’t have to see him in a Mets uniform in 2011.