NL East Report

Atlanta Braves: (78-56; Leader)

Alright, you already know what the Bravos have been up to, but did you know that they’re going to play the Florida Marlins next? Riveting stuff. Also, Tim Hudson won NL Pitcher of the Month on the back of his 1.71 ERA in August.

Philadelphia Phillies: (76-58; -2)

Last week, when I wrote about the team from Philly, they were on a four-game losing streak. Now, they’ve won six of seven, highlighted by a sweep of the San Diego Padres last weekend. They return home to face the Milwaukee Brewers for three.

Florida Marlins: (67-65; -10)

The Florida Marlins took two of three from the Washington Nationals, in a series that was famous for other reasons (oh, we’ll get to that). Gaby Sanchez got a three game suspension for this wicked clothesline. Geez, if baseball doesn’t work out, he could join WWE. Also, Chris Volstad got 6 games, Alex Sanabia 5. The catcher than Nyjer Morgan laid our, Brett Hayes, is out for the year. When you combine that with John Baker on the DL, Ronny Paulino’s drug suspension, and this, the Marlins are now down to their 4th string catcher, Brad Davis. Sidenote, Ricky Nolasco and Donny Murphy will also miss the rest of the year for injuries.

Washington Nationals: (57-77; -21)

Last week, I lamented the Stasburg injury because I feared I would have nothing else to talk about in this space. Well, thank you Nationals for Nyjer Morgan.

The story begins in the series against the Cardinals, when Morgan ran over the catcher Bryan Anderson, at the plate. Anderson, mind you, did not have the ball, and Morgan didn’t even touch home, but that looked to be that, after manager Jim Riggleman sat him for a game.

Then came the Marlin series where he ran over the catcher Hayes, and was thrown out. The dumbest part of this is, had Morgan slid like a normal person, he would have been safe. This was in the 10th inning, in a tied game, by the way!

The next day, the Marlins had broken out to a big lead when pitcher Chris Volstad drilled Morgan. Morgan promptly stole 2nd and 3rd off the Marlins. That didn’t sit well with Volstad, who threw at at Morgan again later on. Then a brawl broke out, with Morgan throwing punches, and getting owned by Gaby Sanchez. Morgan had to be pulled out by third base coach Pat Listach, and while exiting, Morgan played to the crowd like a WWE heel.

Morgan will end up with an 8 game suspension. Riggleman a 2 game suspension, and Listach a 3 game suspension.

No weekly stat this week, but I’ll leave you with another trivia question.

Only four players in Mets history have had a last name beginning with the letter “I.” Who are they?

Hint: One of them is on the roster now.