Never Again…..

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Attack on the World Trade Center, The Department of Defense and the bravery of those who took down the attack plane in a meadow in rural Pennsylvania.

We can never forget what happened that day in September.

This is what happened at Shea Stadium.

Bobby Valentine commandeered people and vehicles to use the Stadium as a place for those on the Island and close by to contribute food, clothing, and other materials needed at the smoldering site. The Mets players – who were not playing while baseball took time to react – were out picking up various supplies, and even just memories from those who could still see the smoke which was visible many miles away.

The Mets staff, players and Bobby – were very organized at the Shea Staging Area and really calmed and gave comfort to some of the people whose family members were still missing.

One interesting side note here – WFAN which always runs 24/7 – did so right after that terrible morning, as they switched immediately to serve their listeners with no commercials and everyone pitching in to take questions and find answers – if they could. Many of those working at the site – EMTs, Police, Fire, etc.- called the FAN and gave information to those still waiting to hear. This was particularly poignant in the overnight hours when everything seems bleaker.

I remember one night caller who said this –

” you all know me as Joe from Wantagh, but in fact in the real world I am an EMT and I am now assigned to the site here. If you have any questions I would be happy to address them”.

I’ve never forgotten that.

Days later, baseball resumed in New York, but ask anyone who was around in those days and you will hear memories like you’ve never heard before.

We will never forget.