Morning Grind: Reyes’ Hot Button, Mazzone, Blockbuster, AAA

Good Morning, Met Nation. Hope your weekend was safe and well. How about dem Mets?

Reyes’ Real Talk

I’m not a huge animal lover but I’m against beating dead horses. The responses on this have been off the charts. I think Reyes is an outstanding player and when he’s right, he is superstar-like. No team I can think of wants an expensive paperweight (see Oliver Perez) and I’m concerned with his impatience, fragility, and unwillingness to let his injuries heal. Although an injury typical for a pitcher (Joel Pineiro out 6-8 weeks for a strain), hitters/fielders like Chipper Jones and Jim Edmonds also have suffered it. This type requires rest, something Reyes is resistant to. Three times in two seasons is a clear red flag. Shutting him down is a must if he is not healing. He took BP in Chicago but does that mean he is better and should play? If the Krivsky man-crush continues, Justin Turner will man at short. In a perfect sphere, I’d want Reyes to mature and grow into the superstar we all know he can be. The clock is ticking and I wonder if or when he’ll get “it”. I hope he will but maybe a mentor would be helpful. Shutting him down and letting him play for a contract before ponying up an extension might be a shrewd and wise move for the Amazins. This season is over so treat it like an NFL preseason and rest your starter.

Pitching Coach Extraordinaire

Why hasn’t the name Leo Mazzone been brought up? He’d be perfect for us providing we trim some of the managerial fat. I don’t know what he did but he did it well. Pitchers under his regime dropped almost a full point in ERA than when they were under a different coach. I wonder how deep his loyalties to Atlanta truly run. It’s worth a phone call.

Blockbuster In Waiting?

People have been angry about talks about trading the core out of fear that the team would be losing something. Take with a grain of salt but Lil’ Jeffrey even questions who are ‘core’ on this team based on recent comments. Why so rigid on the thought of trades? Understandable for guys that really make a difference to their teams. Not the guys that ‘made’ a difference in the past. Out of the box thinking suggests the guys the Mets would get in return are not even the topic of trade talks. Thus, the potential for a blockbuster. If one or all of these guys went out in a trade, you could see names in Flushing that you never would’ve imagined. Mets jerseys with Crawford, Sizemore, Greinke, Webb, Lester, A. Gonzalez, or Fielder on the back. Of course, the money/prospects have to match but the possibilities are endless. The management would be fools if they didn’t, at least, inquire about asking prices. I’ll just put it out there and if you like it, you take it: I care about Mets tradition, too, but I would rather be a perennial title contender and win championships than to simply exist and hopefully contend. That will do more for tradition than anything else one could do. Time to take NYC back for the Orange and Blue for good this time. Guess it boils down to this question: What are you willing to do to win?

Minor Thoughts

Top to bottom, there’s good, young talent in the minors period and I think the Mets’ farm system is not as bad as advertised. It’s easy to look for guys with high batting averages and want to call them up. Can you say Pascucci? But besides the usual guys you love to hate, more than a few AAA names are worth mentioning:

Zach Lutz: A third baseman (can’t have too many of those right now) who has hit almost 20 HRs from AA to AAA. If not for a leg injury 2 years ago, he might’ve been further along. A power bat on that side is an asset. Don’t love Hessman or Cervenak. Sorry. Jose De La Torre: Might not see him until the spring but he’s got some good stuff and is adept at striking people out. Only logged 48 IP’s but has shown some real flashes. Just don’t know if he starts or relieves in Queens. I like what Jorge Padilla and Justin Turner can potentially bring to the table. Padilla has been in the minors about 5 years and had a consistent bat. His one appearance in the majors at about 29 gms was less than inspiring. With Turner’s last two trips to the majors, his numbers indicate that the more he plays, the better he performs at the plate. Not sure how much time he can get in our infield by the looks of things. All is not lost no matter what they tell you.

Met Nation, have a fantastic day. Business is about to pick up.