Morning Grind: Misch-take, Ollie’s Beef, Liar-Liar

Good Morning, Orange and Blue!

So many topics, so little time. We’re hitting it hard and fast this Wednesday.

Pat Misch-take

I heard the fans that thought bringing up Pat Misch was a great idea when Taka II began to struggle at the #5 spot. I’d rather give the shot to Gee or let Mejia do what they were priming him to do anyways. What better place than the #5 spot for a newly stretched out starter? Make up your minds. They’re priming for a playoff push but then look like a small market team already out of the race and testing their AAA guys for 2011. On a team full of inconsistency, it would be a positive takeaway for 2010 if the rotation keeps pushing forward. Last check, they had the 5th best ERA in the NL. Mejia can’t make things any worse. I don’t even see Misch in relief. The Misch Experiment is over. 

The Oliver Strikes Back

Most Met fans will eat this for lunch and lose it all again in the company restroom minutes later. It’s enough to make you sick. Kevin Burkhardt said on SNY that Perez feels he is being treated unfairly by the Mets. Stop. Seriously? Decent secondary pitches. High 80’s fastball. How much love are you looking for? It’s unfair to the fans who want good pitchers that he was re-signed. It’s unfair that after the first mistake, the team didn’t trade or cut him to a team caught sleeping, thereby clogging up a roster spot. I’m sure there were a few suckers, I mean, candidates before the wheels completely came off. How long is the team supposed to wait for you to get it? You are a very expensive mistake and a bonafide headcase. I’m sure even Pittsburgh won’t take you back.

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Although discussed in an August Morning Grind, I never expected this to continue. It looks like the thread between the Mets coaches and the players is fraying more each day. 1B Ike Davis was quoted by after an argument with an ump at the plate.

“I’m an emotional player, no matter what.  If I think it’s a ball and I strike out on something that I thought I was going to walk on, I’m going to be a little upset.  But then I forget about it and go on with my business… It’s not like I hold a grudge against them.  I’m just upset I struck out.”

According to the NY Daily News, Jerry Manuel said he talked to Davis about toning down his arguments with umpires, but Davis says no such conversation took place. Now, that’s not a printing error. He called the coach a liar. Coupled with the comments by pitching coach Dan Warthen about John Maine being a “habitual liar”, it’s safe to say that we have an internal issue. It’s rare that players get fired so pink slips will be aplenty this month. Clean house. New regime. Perhaps a needed breath of fresh air.

Met Nation, what you got? Can’t wait to hear from you. Have an awesome day, guys and gals.