Mets Haven’t Learned Anything From Past Mistakes

Last week it was announced that Johan Santana would need surgery to repair the the anterior capsule of his shoulder.  What started out as a pectoral injury has now developed Johan Santana having surgery on his pitching shoulder.  Of course when the injury first occured there was no MRI.  Santana was “day to day” which must be the only phrase Omar’s buddy and head trainer Ray Ramirez knows.

Not only was there no MRI or X-Rays but days later Santana was playing catch, getting ready to make his next start.  So much for prevention and recovery I guess. Also once again a New York Mets player was hurt and his injury was misdiagnost. We saw this time and time again in 2009.  Remember when Jose Reyes injured his calf and wound up having surgery on his hamstring?

The Mets also tried to downplay the injury, using CATCHER Jorge Posada as an example.  The last time I checked Johan Santana is not a position player, he relies on his arm to help this team!  They didn’t mention that Mark Prior and Chien-Ming Wang had this surgery recently and have yet to make one pitch in 2010.

Remember last year how Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran were going to return to the Mets after the all-star break but never did? The Mets once again tried to trick us fans into thinking that Santana would be back for 2011 by saying “Santana will be throwing in April.”  First off the language is misleading, throwing is not pitching.  Secondly it is highly likely that Santana could miss 2 years or worse case scenario never pitch again!  Obviously the Mets were trying to bamboozle us to buying tickets to Mets Tomb Citi Field.

The Mets haven’t made the post season since 2006 and it’s clear why: this organization is a poorly run organization and until they learn from their mistakes they will never get anywhere!