Lets Shut Down All Our Players And Forfeit The Rest Of The Season

Now that I have your attention, can somebody please tell me what the deal is with all these rants chastising the Mets for not shutting players down?

What the hell is going on around here and when did all this madness about shutting players down begin?

Let me see if I got this straight… 

Carlos Beltran bats .365 in September, has his best game of the season homering from both sides of the plate and making a spectacular diving catch, comes out of game the next day with a sore knee, and somehow it’s the Mets fault because they should have shut him down?

Yeah, that makes whole a lot of sense… Gimme a freaking break… What are we talking about here, boys or men?

When was he supposed to be shutdown? September 1st? September 5th? September 10th? When? I guarantee you that if the Mets did that, they would have still been toasted on blogs, newspapers, SNY and WFAN just for the heck of it anyway.

Pedro Feliciano sets a new record for appearances in relief last night. Should the Mets shut him down before he ends up needing his left arm amputated in the offseason?

Maybe we should shut down Angel Pagan too because he’s now appeared in more games than in any other season in his glorious career…

And don’t forget Ruben Tejada… after-all he’s only 20-years old and the wear and tear on his young and frail body could spell doom for his 2011 season.

What the hell is the matter with these Mets, don’t they care about their players???

Now seriously, lets get a grip…

I have to strongly disagree with our friend Ed Ryan from Mets Fever who believes that the Mets should have shut down Jon Niese several starts ago. He writes,

These were meaningless games, why the heck would you risk injury and confidence issue with one of your young promising starters when he was obviously out of gas.

Ed, you play him for the experience and to make him a better pitcher for next season. I’m not so sure he was out of gas anyway because Niese has said as much after each game. Maybe Niese is getting pounded because the league has figured him out after getting a second and third look at him? Maybe Niese needs to re-adjust to the league just as they did to him, and you can only do that by pitching not by calling it a season.

I just don’t buy into all this shutting down talk permeating the fanbase… I want somebody to convince me why all of a sudden the 20-somethings are now considered to have less stamina and be more fragile than the 30-somethings? When did that start happening?

Here is another question for all the shutdown proponents…

How come all of these shutdown rants never pop up when a pitcher is in a groove or a hitter is raking at the plate?

Do we only shutdown players when they are slumping or begin to slump? I’m just trying to figure out what the method is to this madness…

Should we be concerned for rookie Ike Davis, because he’s only had 3 days off since he was promoted from Buffalo? Ike has already played in 151 games this season, should we risk getting him injured by continuing to play him in meaningless games?

Should we be worried about Bobby Parnell who has now appeared in 65 games this season? 

OMG what about Jose Reyes and his calf and hamstring problems?

You can see how insane and out of control all of this can get…

Hey, I got an idea…

Why don’t we just let all the players actually play some baseball, and stop this paranoid fear that somehow if we don’t shut them down the sky will fall on our heads?

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