In Praise Of Jerry Manuel

I write this morning to bring attention to the Mets Manager, Jerry Manuel, a man who has been with the team for only a short time, comparatively speaking, and has always maintained his own persona and has kept the Mets on an even keel under his guidance.   Just remember, Jerry doesn’t play the game, he manages – big difference.
Recently, the polish, or the patina has worn off some of the Mets baseball hierarchy like the Wilpons, Father and Son, and Joe Torre, a former icon of the Yankees from whom Jerry received an apology yesterday.  Funny how some people believe their press clippings.  Jeff Wilpon apparently has stepped on the toes of almost everyone in the Mets operation believing that his title gives him knowledge and authority.  He’s wrong.  If his Dad wasn’t the owner of the team Jeff wouldn’t be there at all.
Joe Torre surprised me – perhaps because Torre values his status so much that I never thought he would err, but he did, making those remarks about Jerry who is still on the job and minding his own and the Mets’ business.  In fact, Jerry minds his own business so much, that we really don’t know very much about him. We see Jerry on the job every day with the Mets team, and see the respect he has from his players. 
It is apparent to anyone in the New York City area that baseball will be played at Citi Field this fall – the kind of baseball that involves the structure of the game and the management of the business. The baseball of the Board Room. I wonder just how much leeway Fred will give Jeff then.
And, I hope that just maybe, Jerry Manuel will get to keep his job.  He is one of the Mets employees who has done his job well, and set an example for our children.
Good luck Jerry, whatever happens – it’s been a pleasure being with you.