Beltran Out With Tendinitis, Boras Is Livid

Jerry Manuel has told reporters that Carlos Beltran has left knee tendinitis, and that he will not be in today’s lineup.

This is his left knee and not the right knee he had surgery on last January.

Also, regarding Carlos Beltran, Newsday reports that his agent Scott Boras is infuriated with how the Mets have mistreated Beltran recently and how they’ve portrayed him as the bad guy in the Walter Reed fiasco.

According to David Lennon, Carlos Beltran kept his feelings in check this week after hearing that Mets ownership was angry with him for failing to attend the team-organized trip to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

But his agent, Scott Boras, is livid at the Mets for what he believes was unfair treatment of Beltran, who had arranged a meeting for his own charitable foundation that same morning in Washington.

“What they’ve done is the equivalent of Campbell’s soup taking one of their cans, kicking it down the aisle, tarnishing the can, and then trying to sell you the soup…Why is management doing that? There seems to be a serious problem there.”

There’s a growing number of baseball people who are convinced that the Wilpons play a dangerous game of using the media to leak negative information, both true and untrue, to malign any of their high priced players if they produce poorly or get injured.

It’s pure speculation and there’s no tangible evidence of it, but many in the industry are convinced of it.

Beltran was booed at Citi Field last night, as he rounded the bases after hitting a two-run homer, his third of the season.

Here’s the problem the way I see it. This perception of how the Mets mistreat their stars has been growing for a few years now. And regardless of whether it’s true or not, the perception is very real and it’s out there.

I have to believe that this is why the Mets are always overpaying for players either in money, years, or both. It’s all they could do to get quality players to come here, and even so many a free agent have still opted for lesser contracts rather than play for the Mets.

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