Hey Wilpons, You Can’t Have It Both Ways

After last night’s 14 inning marathon, I was very proud of the outstanding job by both R.A. Dickey and our bullpen.

The bullpen has shined since Hisanori Takahashi returned. Tak, Bobby Parnell, Elmer Dessens and Manny Acosta completely shutdown the Astros for  five and two-third innings of solid relief, enabling the Mets to eventually break the 2-2 tie and win the game.

The one thing that continues to bug the hell out of me though, is Oliver Perez.

Can you believe that since Ollie was activated on July 20th, one month ago, he has made just three appearances? Three! In one month!

He hasn’t made a relief appearance in three weeks, when he gave up four earned runs in two innings pitched against the D’Backs.

In essence the Mets have been playing with a 24 man roster since Perez was activated. Is there any other Major League team past or present, that has completely trashed a valuable roster spot the way the Mets have with Oliver Perez?

And of course, I can’t blame Jerry Manuel for not using him. After all his stint as Mets manager is dangling by a thread, so why would he jeopardize any potential win by going to Ollie?

You would think that by now, the higher-ups in the front office would see the damaging effect that Perez has placed on this team and actually done something about it by now, but no… they are content with just letting him ride the pine till season end, winning be damned.

When I see the situation for what it is, it puts me in the undesirable position of viewing Jerry Manuel as a sympathetic figure, despite how badly I want him jettisoned as soon as possible. Strictly from an employer/employee situation, the Wilpons have wronged Manuel for forcing him to compete in one of the toughest divisions in baseball, a player short.

The scariest part of all this is the realization that their refusal to cut Oliver Perez now, can only mean he will be back again in 2011. Whoever is at the helm for the Mets next season, will be forced to continue to compete against every team with 24 players rather than 25.

Can you imagine the looks on all our players when Perez comes rolling into spring training camp next February, knowing that he will most likely block another deserving player from going north on Opening Day?

The Mets want Frankie Rodriguez to eat the remainder of his contract for making a huge mistake…

And yet the Mets refuse to do the same, even though it’s now apparent to all that signing Oliver Perez was a huge mistake…

You can’t have it both ways.

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