What’s Going On Around Here?

I’ve been spending this weekend working on a new theme with our graphic designer Kelly. The theme we had previously was becoming very slow due to incompatibility issues with the latest version of WordPress. It was also putting a tremendous strain on our server at great expense, forcing us to find a more efficient theme that was compatible and also quick to load. With over 3 million hits per month for MMO and growing, the days of cheap, shared web hosting have come to an end for us.

If you had seen how this original theme looked before Kelly got her hands on it and completely customized it, you wouldn’t believe they came from the same mother. She is such a gifted and talented designer and we’re so lucky to have her on our team.

I love the job she did with the banner, adding Mets stars Tom Seaver and Jesse Orosco, that symbolized the 1969 and 1986 World Series on the left. The late, great Shea Stadium appears on the right with Mike Piazza who officially closed her down along with Tom Seaver in 2008. Piazza of course, should also become the first position player to go to the HOF wearing a Mets cap. 

We’ll be spending the next 2-3 days completing the installation and transition as we still have plenty of tweaking and moving things around to do.

* * * * * * *

Yesterday was also kind of a bummer for me because I missed my first Mets game in over ten years. I never even even got a chance to tune in for even an inning, something that’s never happened before in all that time. Thanks to Dave, I got a chance to read his recap and it looks like I missed out on zero offense from the Mets, and some sloppy play in the field. I guess I didn’t really miss much, but I’m still annoyed I didn’t at least catch some of it. There goes my perfect record.

I’ll be watching today, and I hope Pelfrey can deliver another solid effort coming off that gem he tossed in his last start. I’m in evaluation mode right now for the 2011 season. I’ve already made up my mind that in addition to Niese and Johan, I’d like to see R.A. Dickey return to the rotation in 2011. I’m not sure yet on Mike Pelfrey. I’m not convinced he will ever be consistent enough to be a number two starter, and I feel that his greatest value to the team might be as a trade chip especially if he can finish the season strong. If we can’t get Pelf to be a number two pitcher after 5+ years, then we should use him to aquire a number two pitcher.

More on the Mets later… I gotta get some coffee inside me…

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