Slip Sliding Away…

In 24 hours the Mets went from one of their best wins of the year, to one of their worst wins of the year. Last night’s loss was a comedy of errors alright, but for most Mets fans it was just another agonizing and embarrassing loss.

How many times have we seen this team crack under pressure over the years?

They folded like a house of cards last night, and it was brutal to see such a poor effort in a game they really needed to win. Let’s face it, they choked.

I was optimistic that the Mets would take the series and win two consecutive games on the road, but I guess that was too much to ask. They haven’t won back to back games on the road since June 23rd. The Mets are 0-6 in decisive third games of series on the road. Pathetic.

Mike Pelfrey disappointed yet again. He has now allowed a whopping 78 baserunners in just 30 innings pitched over his last seven starts. He has averaged lees than five innings per start in that span. I can’t even describe how awful Pelfrey has been in the last two months. For the second season in a row, Pelfrey has shown that he is incapable of being a number two pitcher for a team with post season aspirations.

Four errors? really?

What is it with David Wright and that annoying sidearm throw that causes him to miss his target more often than not? Why hasn’t this been addressed yet? How many more errant throws will it take before somebody takes him to the side and tells him to ditch that damn across the body, side-armed throw. He throws that baseball like it’s freaking Frisbee!

Oh Jose can you see.. any balls to your right? Fans so loudly did wail, at the sight of your fielding. Come on dude, get your head in the game.

This team is driving me absolutely nuts.

Sound off Mets fans!

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