Omar Does Not Deserve A Vote Of Confidence From The Mets

About 2 weeks ago principal owner Fred Wilpon was asked about Omar Minaya’s job status after the 2010 season.  Clueless Fred responded by saying:

“Is the sun coming up tomorrow?”

I cannot understand where this vote of confidence is coming from.  Omar Minaya has been the General Manager since the end of the 2004 season.  In that time Omar has built a team that went to the playoffs ONCE!  As we all know in 2007 and 2008 the teams that Omar Minaya built collapsed in September.  2009 was an embarrassment as the injuries mounted, resulting in the Mets finishing in 4th place.  If the season was a week longer there was a real possibility that the Nationals could have finished about the Mets.

Omar was given up to 150 million dollars and could not put a championship team together.  Omar gave Pedro Martinez a contract that in all honesty he didn’t deserve.  Pedro was actually coming off the worst season of his career. I liked Pedro and was happy to have him on the team but there was a reason why Boston didn’t want to sign him that long.  Pedro eas injured for most of his contract and did not help the Mets win a championship.  Omar has given guys like Carlos Beltran and Frankie “Punchy” Rodriguez contracts that they didn’t deserve because they were coming off of career years.  For some reason Omar felt the need to give Luis Castillo a 4 year deal even though he was clearly on a decline.  Omar bid against himself and signed Oliver Perez to a contract that he flat out didn’t deserve.

Omar has been a horrible in season General Manager.  The Mets have needed help every year at the trade deadline but Omar except for trading for Castillo in 2007 has done nothing.  Every Mets fan knows that when July 31 is over the Mets will not make a single trade.

Last year he embarrassed the team by accusing then Daily News beat writer Adam Rubin of lobbying for a job within in the organization because Rubin exposed the inexcusable behavior of Omar’s buddy Tony Bernazard.  Omar gave an apology that made K-Rod’s seem heartfelt.  Whenever he gives a statement it turns into a downright disaster.

Now I know Omar has made the Wilpon’s a lot of money.  Remember the Wilpon’s never said their goal was to win a World Series, it was just to play “meaningful baseball in September.”  From 2005-2008 Omar’s teams accomplished that goal.  Omar has done a pitiful job as the GM.  He has not developed an impact player, he has let prospects come up way too early and he has brought guys in just because of their nationality.  Anybody who has run a organization like this should be shown the door, but this team gives him a vote of confidence.  Only the Mets.